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Design for Print

Our in-house designer can design a single logo, or all of your printed material. From finishing touches to print ready artwork.

If your challenge is about design, we'll get Chris... he can design you something from scratch, or add the finishing touches to a design you've already started. From packaging to press ads, he's the man who can.

brand design
Brand ID - appointment card, price list and gift voucher.

packaging design
Packaging - 350gsm uncoated board with inner product tray.

A little example...

Top: Et duntota de oditas pro coreper cipsantorem. Ibus estemque volorio. Itam quiam excearum et parum eaquame ndandip itibus audaestore mo molectium

Bottom: Aximodignam ne re, utem hiliquunt vendica borrum reiciliberit aut optaqui autas volent aliberum volorep eresecus alit

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