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Print and Finishing Techniques

We offer expert help with the finishing touches - varnishes, cuts, folds, binding, trimming, special effects and everything else which turns your printed piece into a work of art.

Are you wondering how to turn your idea into a show stopping piece of print? Do you need some guidance on whether spot UV will achieve a better result than textured varnish?

You need Nicky and Pete.

Nicky will find the solution, she always does. She knows about stock and finishes and special effects and folds and sizes. She also knows lots of other people who can help out.

Pete is the the man on the press, the one at the business end of the whole process. He keeps the presses inked and turning.

spot varnish
250gsm arco, varnish to one position.

perfect binding
40pp brochure perfect bound.

350gsm silk board, matt lamination to both sides. 50mm die-cut hanging hole.

A little example...

Top: Et duntota de oditas pro coreper cipsantorem. Ibus estemque volorio. Itam quiam excearum et parum eaquame ndandip itibus audaestore mo molectium

Middle: Dolor alignam iliquo qui odit laceprovitis nost modi dolorer spicipide parchic itiasimus as utatiat iorestibus.

Bottom: Aximodignam ne re, utem hiliquunt vendica borrum reiciliberit aut optaqui autas volent aliberum volorep eresecus alit

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