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HP Indigo 5500 Digital Printing

Our high quality digital printer uses inks not toners, producing the look and feel of traditional offset print with genuine photo quality.

Our HP Indigo 5500 is the pride of Think Digital, the jewel in our crown, the press which sets us apart from other printers. The specs demonstrate its versatility and capability better than anything we can write, so read on to see why we - and our discerning customers - love it so much;

  • Uses HP ElectroInk liquid ink technology for exceptional print quality
  • Pantone colour emulation for robust colour management
  • Best in class colour accuracy and consistency, for the best print results
  • Continuous printing allows seamless switching between jobs and media types
  • Takes a large range of papers, boards, self-adhesive and synthetic material, giving loads of creative options
  • Gives print results as near to litho as you're going get - often better

Our Indigo loves fusspots
It positively thrives on discerning customers and demanding design. Because, while It is great with bread and butter jobs, the press really comes into its own with beautiful illustrations or amazing photography.

Ideal for short run & personalisation
With the Indigo, we print directly from your file which has a multitude of benefits;

  • There are no plates, so it is cost effective to print smaller quantities - and much quicker
  • Every sheet can be different, so jobs like books or calendars can be printed in collated order, which saves on finishing time. 

Personalisation or variable data printing is where the Indigo really earns it's stripes. The opportunities are endless, but it means you can really go to town with your creativity...

  • Personalised covers on brochures
  • Individual designs to as many people as you want
  • Unique promotional codes on covers, flyers or leaflets
  • Targeted promotional literature, aimed at the individual

The list goes on and on - get in touch and see what's possible

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